Every new business has one thing in common, lack of resources and scarcity of funds, yet every entrepreneur wants the best features for their business and website. Though the outlook and approach are more on finding an affordable and cost-efficient resolution, there is rarely any compromise on the specification part. One such important factor that significantly affects the business is the choice of web hosting platform for your site. While the market is full of various options to host your website, the most cost-effective solution is going for Shared Website Hosting, which comes with a lot of features to support a growing business. 

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is when multiple websites are hosted over the same physical server and share all the hosting resources of the server. Shared Web Hosting is a perfect fit for businesses that are still in their incubation phase or have just stepped out of it since it comes at a lower price and offers great features with affordable plans.

Main reasons why Shared Hosting can prove to be an affordable hosting solution for your website:

  1. Managed services
    When you go for Shared Hosting, you need not worry about the costs related to upkeep, updation, maintenance, and other technical issues in the server. The web hosting provider is responsible for taking care of any such requirements and glitches in the server, which reduces the maintenance costs considerably. 
  2. Shared resources
    Since, in Shared Hosting, the resources available on the server are shared by different websites hosted over it, the costs also directly get shared within those users. This way, you get access to a large number of resources at an extremely affordable price. 
  3. Round-the-clock customer support
    With Shared Website Hosting, you get extensive support of the service provider to hear and resolve your queries without charging any additional costs. This brings down the overall cost of hosting since there is no need to hire a separate technical executive to take care of the daily operational queries and other issues. 
  4. Highly intuitive control panel
    Under the Shared Web Hosting, you get access to a highly integrated and intuitive control panel which helps you manage your website explicitly. An easy-to-use, all-inclusive control panel accounts for smoother operations and a user-friendly interface to work upon. Also, since most of the hosting providers ensure a pre-installed control panel, it eliminates the requirement and cost of buying a new one. 
  5. Free SSL
    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is crucial to handling the privacy of your data and the user’s credentials. Most Shared Hosting plans come with a free SSL feature, reducing the hosting costs considerably. 
  6. Web design support
    As a new business, you may run short on the funds to hire a dedicated web design expert to develop the website and its design. In Shared Web Hosting, most service providers also incorporate intuitive design and website builder tools and applications within the same offer to help you build an impressive website. Also, you can seek technical assistance from the customer support available 24x7x365 in a Shared Hosting plan. 


Shared Hosting can prove to be extremely beneficial in terms of cost reduction. Since the costs are lower, it is most likely to fit in your budget even if you are a small business. You can invest the saved amount in the expansion and growth of your company.